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Paranorm is a Swedish thrash metal band with progressive and melodic elements, striving to expand upon the new wave of thrash metal while finding their own niche within the genre, thus leaving a mark on the realm of heavy metal.


Instead of repeating what bands did 25 years ago, they seek to build upon that formula, creating something new and refreshing.


On February 11, 2014 they released their second EP, "The Edge of Existence" to follow up their 2011 debut "Pandemonium's Rise". The new EP is available in it's entirity at

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'The Edge of Existence' now released!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The Edge of Existence” is now available in it's entirety on our official YouTube channel at


Comments singer and rhythm guitarist Markus Hiltunen: “The Edge of Existence shows the band at a whole new level. We really took the time to polish every detail to make it as good as it possibly could be. The EP is powerful, melodic, progressive and aggressive, sometimes even bordering on downright scary.”


The physical version of the "The Edge of Existence" is available for pre-sale at and will be ready for shipping by the end of February/early March, and it will also be available through all major digital music stores as well as streaming services by February 27th.


The complete track list follows below:

1. Into the Unknown (05:38)

2. Second Assault (04:10)

3. Sunstorm (07:52)

4. Desolate Worlds (07:45)


Enjoy, share, and headbang your brains out!

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